Trial Presentation Support
  Advantage Video offers a wide range of trial support services.  From  courtroom playback, to incorporating photos, exhibits, video and more  into presentations, Advantage Video can help make your next trial less  stressful and more effective.  Our trial support equipment includes a  high definition projector with a 101" (8’) screen; 32" and 50” high  definition LCD TVs; and an HDMI laptop complete with Adobe Creative  Suite and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.  Our trial support  specialist is fully trained on new courthouse technology and can help  make the most out of your next trial presentation.   
Why hire a trial presentation specialist?    1. If your case has technical difficulties, you have to have someone qualified to troubleshoot the situation. 2. An experienced trial presenter can often be a key component in helping demonstrate facts of a case to a jury. 3. Often, a trial presentation specialist has been involved in more jury trials than an entire legal staff or even an experienced attorney’s entire career trials. . . . as a trial presentation specialist or trial consultant could be involved in 10, 20 or perhaps 30 trials to verdict per year. 4. Legal assistants and paralegals have enough stress trying to keep up with attorneys.  If they are concentrating on running technology, then they cannot fully respond to legal requests made from the attorney.  Being able to operate Sanction or PowerPoint in an isolated environment is not the same as hooking up equipment in a changing or live environment.  Technological mistakes can cost millions of dollars at trial. 
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