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Location Production Advantage Video specializes in producing broadcast quality location  video in a wide variety of formats, adapting to the unique  circumstances each location production generates. With over 20 years  of production experience providing crew and equipment as needed, our  team brings a blend of talent and expertise suited to the exacting  needs of our customers. Along with a proven track record of providing  high quality, effective, and budget conscious shoots on location; we  can provide crew, grip, and the lighting tools necessary to get that high  end look with an eye on your production schedule, ready for a quick  strike and reset on the other side of town.
LOCATION PRODUCTION 9951 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 101 | Jacksonville, FL | 32225 | T: 800.724.9575 | P: 904.724.9006 | F: 904.724.7179 | E: 9951 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 101 | Jacksonville, FL | 32225 | 800.724.9575 | 904.724.9006 | Fax 904.724.7179 |