Depositions, Medical Exams & Inspections Advantage Video provides video services for everything legal.  Videotaping  600 depositions, medical exams and inspections a year, Advantage Video has  the knowledge and experience to take care of all your legal video needs.   Videotaping depositions can provide a powerful visual aid for mediations,  claims adjustments, and trial.  Courtroom video playback of experts and  physicians gives the jury an extra  stimulant to retain and visualize the  information beyond the initial  presentation.   Our professional staff treat every  medical exam with respect and  confidentiality. Your clients can rest  assured that Advantage Video will  make their evaluation as  comfortable and relaxing as  possible. We cover everything from  medical evaluations to surgical  procedures to vocational exams.   Site inspections, accident scenario recreations and mechanical  demonstrations are tailored to your needs and budget. From documenting a  specific route driven to videotaping and speeding up lab procedures,  Advantage Video offers full support from the day the job is booked until the  day the case is closed. 
Synchronization Synchronization links the video and the transcript as one database, allowing for fast reviews and reductions in trial preparation time. You can review the transcript and the synchronized video, plus all exhibits that are linked to the transcript - all in one viewer. Your video can be edited on the fly by simply highlighting the portion you desire and clicking cut.
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